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Having a positive impact has always been at the heart of the Dubai Sourcing Hub. Our ethical approach started back in 2020 by setting our social and ethical compliance strategy across our supply base. Our vision has always been people, passion and partnership both internally and externally

Dubai Sourcing Hub is proud and committed to working with leading industry eco communities to promote our preferred fibres and materials portfolio, as well as continually working to improve our own and our partners global impact.



The Environment
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We are making a steadfast commitment to reducing the impact we have on the planet. From the way we manufacture to the product we create – using science-based targets, our focus is on putting the earth’s future first.


Our Associates
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Every day we make a promise to our people – to inspire, to uplift, and to protect. By committing to ensuring happy, healthy, fulfilling lives we are putting your future first.


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True humanity lies in our willingness to help each other. Health, education, and equality are key drivers in our commitment as we put the future of our people and communities first.


Good Choices
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The right choice is not always the easy, sure, or safe choice. We have always trusted in the power of good governance, and we remain committed to making choices that put the future of our people and planet first.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide the most comprehensive view of the elements that should guide the choices we make as a business but also as individuals.

As such, these form a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy as we endeavor to operate in a manner that always puts the future first.


Product Goal

Our passion for the product is what continually drives and motivates us. Dubai Sourcing Hub has taken steps to innovate sustainable low impact materials to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Our innovation team are constantly working with subject matter experts and industry consultants to come up with newest solutions and fit for purpose proposals.



Environmental Goal

Dubai Sourcing Hub has committed to continuous environmental improvement both in our own sourcing operations as well as collaboration with our vendors. We partner with suppliers committed to eco responsibility and invest in-house environmental practices eg: waste reduction, environmental certifications, chemical & water management and Renewable energy. Our compliance team is constantly evaluating and upskilling our supply chain with the latest compliance and ethical guidelines.


Social Responsibility Goal

Dubai Sourcing Hub has invested in growing the positive impact on the lives of people here in Bangladesh by working closely with suppliers to develop best practices, drive transparency as well as identify the opportunity for positive impact throughout the value chain. Our CSR team and 7 STREAMS are working together with suppliers and brands on projects in Bangladesh.

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